Duplessis Drywall offers a range of services, including drywall repair (due to cracks, holes, water damage, etc.), stipple repair or removal, drywall installation (walls and ceilings), five levels of finishing, wood and steel stud framing, batting insulation, bulkheads, and suspended drop ceilings. Any type of sheetrock can be installed depending on the requirements of the job: gypsum panels, cement board, moisture board, dense shield tile backer, and all thicknesses of board from 1/4" to 5/8".

Drywall installation and finishing is often referred to as an art. For this reason Duplessis Drywall offers all five levels of finishing, which includes the following:

  1. Application of compound to joints and screws
  2. Application of tape to joints and compound to screws
  3. Application of second coat to joints and screws
  4. Application of third coat to joints and screws
  5. Application of skim coat to entire surface

All estimates are free and specific to each project. They can be done in person or from project blueprints. No matter the size, each job will be completed to the highest level of care and attention.

Drywall is known to be a messy experience. For this reason, Duplessis Drywall takes every step possible to control the amount of dust produced. In homes that are occupied, a covering is placed over the floors during the drywall process. This protects the floors and speeds up the final cleaning. A daily clean-up is also performed to ensure client satisfaction.